Stop into your nearest Ford dealership in Franklin, WI and find out what you can do during National Car Care Month. We offer a variety of services for new and used Ford trucks. Whether you’re experiencing vibrating in your steering wheel or notice a leak under your car, our team at Hiller Ford examines your vehicle and helps you keep it in top shape. We recommend that you call for service if you notice problems with any of your car’s major components.

Does your used Ford truck need an alignment?

If you notice that your steering wheel is pulling from side to side or that your used Ford truck veers off to the side, then it may be time for an alignment at your nearest Ford dealership. We adjust your vehicle’s suspension during a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment. Our team inspects your ball joints, track rod, suspension, steering, and bushing components.

Do you notice a leak?

Determining where a leak is coming from can be tricky. Multiple hoses can spring leaks. If you see fluid under your car, then call your nearest Ford dealership for an inspection.

  • Brake System: Hoses carry hydraulic fluid to your braking system. Over time these parts wear out and may need repair or replacement. A brake inspection looks at your brake pads, rotors, calipers, drums, pistons, and brake lines. We service both disc and drum brakes in the front and rear of your car.
  • Cooling System: Hoses deliver the coolant needed to keep your engine cool. Leaking could stem from a hose or your radiator. We’ll examine your radiator, fan, thermostat, water pump, and hoses to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

Ford Service in Franklin, WI

Stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance by catching a problem early. Schedule an appointment at our Ford service center near Milwaukee, WI if you’re concerned about any of your truck’s internal systems. Call us or sign up for a service online during National Car Care Month.