From rain-sensing windshield wipers to advanced trailer sway control, Ford continually comes up with innovative safety tech to boost your confidence out on the road. Our new Ford trucks near Milwaukee, WI, as well as all our Ford vehicles, offer incredible standard and available safety options for all types of driving. If you’re considering a new Ford vehicle, then stop into Hiller Ford and find out which safety features are a must for your next truck.

Lane-Keeping System

Whether you’re navigating packed roads while parenting from the driver’s seat or merely caught up in your favorite song, your Ford truck or SUV uses its Lane-Keeping System to prevent you from drifting from your lane. This technology continually scans your position in the lane and warns you if you’re about to make an unexpected lane change.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

This cutting-edge technology not only warns you of upcoming hazards, like a slowed vehicle or pedestrian, but it’ll also apply the brakes if you don’t react soon enough. With fast-acting safety technology, you’ll feel more confident driving on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop-and-Go

Don’t let stop-and-go traffic wear you down. Our Adaptive Cruise Control system monitors the cars ahead of your vehicle. This safety technology is an advanced version of cruise control. It slows your car if other vehicles slow or stop in front of you. Once traffic picks up, then your truck will resume its regular speed.

Drive with total confidence in a 2019 Ford model equipped with features that support you while driving. You can travel with your family, trailer, and even pets without worrying about distractions on the road. Our safety tech provides several levels of assistance to protect your precious cargo. Come by Hiller Ford and get started today.